Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Sold My Soul To The Open Road.

Today I was thinking about my future. I don't normaly do so but today I did. And I was thinking about what I was gunna do for a job, hmmm. Maybe a dentist, people are always going to have teeth right? Well maybe in the future we will all lose our teeth, and we'll have to wear new State Of The Art dentures. Maybe a vet. Some people love their pets more then they love themselves. Maybe a farmer? Nah in about 20-25 years they'll probably have robots doing all that sorta stuff. Maybe I should go into sanitation, theres always going to be garbage in the world. Or how about a writer? I wonder if in the future people are going to get so lazy that "scribes" will come back as a profession. Well I still got time to think about it. I'll ttyl about this.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Home On A Saturday Night.

Fuck Al Gore and global warming its so cold! They said in the past 2 weeks that we havent been this cold in like 40 years! Wheres global warming when you need it? Am I right? Oh but I don't even believe in that bologna. My dad was saying that this one scientist said where headed for another ice age! Im telling you people "save the polar bears!" "the glaciers are melting!" thats all bullshit! My brother went to Alaska last summer for 16 days and he saw the glaciers, and they're not melting they're growing! They are actually getting thicker(thats what she said). Its all just a big money making sceme. Don't fall for it.

While where at it lets talk about aliens. Okay so youre going to tell me that we're the only life in the universe? The Milky Way, which is our glaxay is one of the smallest out of the 240 BILLION visible galaxies in our known universe. Do you know how many planets there must be? Its incredible. Theres got to be another planet with some kind of life, more then some tiny little moving organisms on it. But due to the fact that our thecnology now can't get a little machine past our own solar system who nows if we could ever get to those other planets.

Joey:What kind of books do planets read?
Tim:Uhm. You got me.
Joey:Comet books!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Was Very Greasy.

So I was watching this show on the Discovery channell yesterday, and I have learned about this new sport called, "Chess Boxing" which was formed over in the UK(those crazy bastards would think of something like this). The title pretty much says it all. Two guys go head to head using not only brawn, but also a good amout of brains. The set up is, theres a chess board in the middle of the ring. There are 11 rounds, 6 of them chess matches and 5 of them boxing matches. The game starts with a nice little game of chess. When the first chess match is over, the bell rings and the chess board is taking off the ring for a quick 2 minute round of boxing. The game keeps going till a knock out, or a checkmate.

This I think is one of the coolest sports I have ever seen. When you watch a boxing match, you probably wonder if all thoughs blows to the head might make the person stupid. But in this game you have to keep your head on and think about the chess game, not only how to knock the other person out. To mix two completely different sports like chess and boxing is ingenius. Who ever invented this game gets 2 thumbs up from me...Anyone up for a game?

Elmo The Emo.

Whats with all this emo shit? Just live your life guys. You dont have it as hard as half the people in the world. Stop complaining about how you have no friends, or how no one likes you. Especialy on Myspace! You guys are always posting these gay bullitens always putting yourself down. "oh poor me" "I hate my life" why dont you get a life? You got no friends because you dress weird, listen to weird music, and you just make yourselves look weird! Cut your hair, take off the makeup, and take a shower. If your just going to sit back and complain your whole teenage life, about how bad it is, then im sorry to tell yah but you guys must be some dumb motherfuckers.

Pet Peeve Much?

Kids these days, play the guitar like once a week and call themselves guitarists. Well im sorry to break it to yah but you're not, and you most likely suck. To call yourself a guitarist you got to live for the guitar. Jimmy Paige didn't just play once a week and become one of the greatest guitarists ever to live. In order to get good you got to practice. I hate it when kids say they can play guitar just to sound cool. Now, I myself play guitar, and when I was homeschooled for 7th and 8th grade, I practiced about 5-6 hours a day, 4-5 days a week people. Now I can call myself a guitarist and im not half as good as I wanna be. So please dont just think you can play guitar because you own one, or you think its cool or you can play a few chords, just stop trying to be cool and stick to drums...God!

What really grinds my gears.

One thing that really grinds my gears is when, I go to a concert and I hear these little cry babys complaining how some "jerk" hit them in the face, or when someone starts a fight in a mosh pit because they got hit when they were in a mosh pit. DUDE! If you go in a mosh pit expect to get hit. What do you think? That youre gunna be the only one in there flailing your arms? Jesus do us all a favor and go to a Willie Nelson concert next time bitch!