Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Could I Miscalculate.

Well I had to get 12 stitches today on my finger(but thats another story)and while I was getting stitched I started to talk to the doctor. She told me she grew up in Main. She was born into a farming family. She told how she grew up without running water, or even electricity! If I wasnt a boy scout I wouldnt be able to survive without those things, hahaha, just kidding. She told that her and all her siblings had to take baths in the river, even in the winter! Her dad would take the ax down to the river, chop a nice big whole in the river and they would all run down butt naked and jump in. She even told me where the words "shit" and "fuck" come from. She was very smart. She was Native American to. No more complaining for me, I got me a GOOD life. You probably do to, so dont think you got it hard my friends. I wonder if shes related to my friend. x]
Oh yeah I got many stitches before and she was the best doctor to stitch me...SO FAR


  1. People w. truly hard lives rarely think of their lives that way. It's only the people who THINK they have hard lives (while falling asleep in front of their flat screens with a bottle of Valium) that twist their panties into knots. I bet she was a good stitcher because she made all of her own clothes.

  2. Wow i love the times when you meet new people, usually older. they have so many stories to tell its great. and its never expected but always fun. good blog there friend.

    Corynn x.