Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Sold My Soul To The Open Road.

Today I was thinking about my future. I don't normaly do so but today I did. And I was thinking about what I was gunna do for a job, hmmm. Maybe a dentist, people are always going to have teeth right? Well maybe in the future we will all lose our teeth, and we'll have to wear new State Of The Art dentures. Maybe a vet. Some people love their pets more then they love themselves. Maybe a farmer? Nah in about 20-25 years they'll probably have robots doing all that sorta stuff. Maybe I should go into sanitation, theres always going to be garbage in the world. Or how about a writer? I wonder if in the future people are going to get so lazy that "scribes" will come back as a profession. Well I still got time to think about it. I'll ttyl about this.

1 comment:

  1. YAh... even i have problems 'bout my future.. i even took up preparatory course just to be safe.. but o still have to problem my masters anyways... but just try to be what you really want to be... im sure it will work out in the end.. keep safe.. peace out..^^