Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Was Very Greasy.

So I was watching this show on the Discovery channell yesterday, and I have learned about this new sport called, "Chess Boxing" which was formed over in the UK(those crazy bastards would think of something like this). The title pretty much says it all. Two guys go head to head using not only brawn, but also a good amout of brains. The set up is, theres a chess board in the middle of the ring. There are 11 rounds, 6 of them chess matches and 5 of them boxing matches. The game starts with a nice little game of chess. When the first chess match is over, the bell rings and the chess board is taking off the ring for a quick 2 minute round of boxing. The game keeps going till a knock out, or a checkmate.

This I think is one of the coolest sports I have ever seen. When you watch a boxing match, you probably wonder if all thoughs blows to the head might make the person stupid. But in this game you have to keep your head on and think about the chess game, not only how to knock the other person out. To mix two completely different sports like chess and boxing is ingenius. Who ever invented this game gets 2 thumbs up from me...Anyone up for a game?

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